Hello All:

My name is Garrett and I am running this blog

Who am I?

I attend Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. I am majoring in Sports Communication. And most importantly, at least for this blog, I am a member of Webster University’s Forensics team. (Forensics is the fancy term for speech/debate!)

With this blog I plan on cataloging my experiences on the team, and hopefully introducing you to other members and coaches on our team.

We have a long season ahead of us. Our first tournament is October 3rd-5th and is taking place at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri, and we will end the season competing at the Phi Kappa Delta National Comprehensive Tournament in San Diego, California!

I can already tell from Week 1 that we are going to have an amazing year as a team, and that I am going to make some amazing friends! I hope that you stay tuned into this year. And that you may even consider joining your schools forensics team!

See you next time!



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