Webster Hosts Study Break/ Gateway Swing

Instead of trophies, we handed out “Gateway” souvenirs

Webster returned to tournament season this past weekend with the Study Break/Gateway Swing. How did they do? And what did people think of souvenirs instead of trophies?

Webster debated and competed in IEs. Most of the “debaters” were from coach Gina Jensen’s debate class.

This tournament is histrionically for college debate classes. Most of the team’s debaters were too experienced to compete as there was no “open” debate.

IE’s is where Webster shined. While Webster did not claim team awards for the swing (because we were the host school), we would have placed second in the swing.

Laurel Kratz (left) worked the tab table Saturday while Sarah Hammeke (middle) and Gina Jensen (right) discuss her last round.

Some team members competed, while others hosted. Some did both.

Laurel, for example, hosted Saturday while competed on Sunday.

Daniela competed both days. (Debate Saturday, IEs Sunday)

I hosted both days.

Hosting involving running the tab table, and making posting for finals. You also have to check all the rooms and help competitors navigate campus. This tournament is also preparation for “The Gorlok” in January.

John Wallis writes postings for the final round of POI

The Gateway is normally a smaller tournament as many teams bring their debate class or opt to not come to study for finals.

The swing tournament champions were SBU. Second place went to Arkansas State. And Park University finished in 3rd.

Team Awards and Pentathlon

Many people liked the awards being different. One competitor was excited to see snow globes were awards. (She didn’t win won because she did not debate, but it was a fun moment)

It was a small, short tournament.

This is the last tournament of the year, and of the decade.

Tournaments will re-start in the spring!

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