Webster starts forensics season strong

It’s been a while! Since I last posted the idea of a global pandemic was inconceivable, but here we are.

The forensics community has not allowed a pandemic stop us. We have picked up where we left up and have been competing in online tournaments.

Webster competed in 3 tournaments in 3 weeks in the moth of October, here’s how it went:


This tournament started with Public Forum debate (PF) on Friday.

With PF debate, you are given a resolution in advance. The resolution is used for the entire semester. Teams prepare a case in support of the resolution and a case against. What side you are on is decided by a coin flip right before the round.

This semester’s resolution is: “Now is the time to eliminate intercollegiate athletics”

Webster had two teams competing. And the team of Sarah Hill and Laurel Kratz took 2nd place (losing in the final round). And Sarah Hill took 3rd place speaker award!

PF Teams from SBU Day 1

On Saturday, IE’s took place. Here are these results:

WEBSTER 1st in Individual Events Sweepstakes 3rd in Overall Sweeps

JOHN WALLIS 1st in Persuasion AFA Qual in Persuasion 2nd in POI 4th in Quadrathon

LAUREL KRATZ 1st in Quadrathon 1st in Impromptu2nd in Bright Young Scholar 3rd in Extemp 3rd in Interviewing 5th in Inform

ZOË ROLLINS 1st in CA 4th in Impromptu

SARAH HILL 1st in Interviewing 5th in Bright Young Scholar

GARRETT DOHLKE 4th in Inform


The KWU Forensic Flyover was another successful I.E. tournament for Webster


WEBSTER 1st in IE Sweepstakes

ZOË ROLLINS 1st in Impromptu 1st in CA 1st in Inform 4th in Extemp AFA Qual in CA AFA Qual in Inform

JOHN WALLIS 1st in Persuasion 2nd in Extemp 3rd in Impromptu5th in POI AFA Qual in Extemp

GARRETT DOHLKE 3rd in Inform

FAHIMA BAND ALI 3rd in Persuasion


WEBSTER 1st in Combined IE Sweepstakes 1st in Combined Overall Sweepstakes 2nd in IE Sweepstakes

ZOË ROLLINS 1st in Impromptu1st in CA 1st in Inform2nd in Extemp AFA Qual in Impromptu

FAHIMA BAND ALI 2nd in Persuasion


This was another PF tournament, but unfortunately, neither Webster team advanced to finals. However, Webster had a great IE day:

GARRETT DOHLKE 4th in Inform

LAUREL KRATZ 1st in Inform, 2nd in Extemp, 2nd in Impromptu, AFA Qual in Extemp, AFA Qual in Impromptu

Webster is competing in the University of Pacific tournament tomorrow and plans to keep competing all across the country!


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